This toolbox is designed for facilitators guiding one or more companies through the SDG Innovation Journey. 

Five steps

The SDG Innovation Journey starts by thoroughly framing the SDG problem the company seeks to solve and ends by planning how the company should integrate the new solution into the operative business. The SDG Innovation Journey shifts between individual sessions with the company and the facilitator and joint sessions where all companies are brought together on the same location to work on their solutions.  


The tools in this toolbox follow the order presented in the Blueprint. 

The key tools are presented in the toolbox with a full body heading and additional tools that can also be helpful to advance the solution, are marked with a lighter heading and full body coloured triangles on both sides of the header. 

Facilitators and companies are encouraged to spend at least the suggested time on the key tools. These are often the exercises that require the most time to get right. 

Facilitator and companies can seek inspiration in the additional tools when there is a need to work in depth with certain themes. Naturally, the tools can also be used in a different order or be replaced by other tools, as relevant. 

The facilitator should always use his/her experience and judgement to decide which exercises to use with a given company in the given situation.