RGS Nordic specializes in treatment of polluted soil, industrial wastewater, and the recycling of building and construction waste.



RGS Nordic operates more than 35 treatment facilities in Denmark, Sweden and Norway – among them a site in Stigsnæs, a commercial biological treatment facility for purification of industrial wastewater in the Nordic countries. One of the central missions of RGS Nordic is to introduce a circular economy to the Scandinavian construction sector, where waste to a higher degree is recycled in stead of recovered. is not disposed, but recycled. RGS Nordic seeks to utilize innovative solutions in their work.

RGS Nordic is a company with big ambitions for sustainability, who wants to contribute to the sustainable transformation of the transport and construction industry. Specifically, RGS Nordic works with circular economy models and works to change the industry and the political decision-making through its solutions and engagement.



Photo: RGS Nordic


In SDG Accelerator, RGS Nordic works with a solution to improve their freight efficiency by reducing empty load running by their freight trucks to and from factories demolition sites, and production sites and utilization. Empty runs have high economic costs due to the wastage of fuel, time, labour, and traffic congestion involved. Their work addresses several SDGs including SDG11 - Sustainable cities and communities, SDG12 - Responsible consumption and production, SDG14 - Life below water, and SDG17 - Partnerships for the goals. 


Key facts

  • Founded in 1990
  • Share-holder owned
  • 230 employees globally
  • Present in Denmark, Sweden and Norway
  • Read more in their annual sustainability report.

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