Jespers Torvekøkken was founded in 1991 by the chef Jesper Holmberg, based on a vision and ambition of creating a tasty and healthy lunch for workers in the companies of greater Copenhagen. 



The consciousness of having a good and healthy lunch was not the same 25 years ago as it is today, and Jespers Torvekøkken has been at the forefront of providing catering opportunities to companies. Since then, Jespers Torvekøkken, has grown steadily every year and today the company offers lunch as well as private catering and canteen operation.

Jespers Torvekøkken has recently opened their new production facilities in Søborg (outside Copenhagen). The production facility includes eight different kitchens, which in parallel produce eight different lunch packages every day. The kitchens are inspired by food cultures from around the world as well as costumer preferences such as vegetarian food, healthy alternatives and favorites. Jespers Torvekøkken is transforming all left over food from their lunch catering services to biogas. However, more can be done to reduce food waste earlier in the value chain. In SDG Accelerator, Jespers Torvekøkken has thus decided to do more to address the food waste agenda. While their own internal processes are optimized to ensure minimal food waste in production, Jespers Torvekøkken aspires to reduce food waste at their suppliers and/or customers. The aspiration is to engage with these stakeholders and create new ways of working together to reduce food waste throughout the entire food value chain. They want to engage their customers and end-users in actively taking part in the efforts of reducing food waste. Jespers Torvekøkken works with SDG12 – Responsible consumption and production.


Photo: Jespers Torvekøkken

key facts

  • Founded in 1991
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • 140 employees
  • Jespers Torvekøkken is curently expanding their lunch division to other areas in Denmark, and recently opened for business in Aarhus.

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