Brunata is a Danish family-owned company with more than 100 years of experience in providing solutions that optimises and reduces the energy consumption in housings and buildings. 

Brunata was among the first to develop and supply heat cost allocators in Denmark. Brunata seeks to offer fair distribution of expenses concerning utilities to the highest possible number of people through precise measurement of the individual usage. The company encourages sustainable behavior through savings that also benefit consumers financially. Their headquarters is located in Herlev, Denmark and they operate in Norway, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Poland and Italy.

Brunata has been family-owned since 1990 and is now in the process of finding new buyers, amongst other things in order to ensure a solid capital injection and growth in markets outside of Denmark. In Denmark, Brunata has a market share of about 30%. Today, the company is run by a professional management group and the family sits at the board of directors. Main customers include residents, commercial property, owner and housing cooperatives and administrators and housing associations. Brunata also works on this idea with a group of students from the Danish Technical University. 


Key facts

  • Founded in 1935 but goes back 100 years
  • Family-owned since 1990
  • 270 employees
  • Present in Norway, Denmark Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Poland and Italy
  • Brunata‚Äôs solutions are sold in more than 15 European countries.