ATC Footwear designs and manufactures their own shoe brand ANGULUS, which was recently voted the best international children’s shoe by the British Junior Magazine. In addition, ATC is an agent for quality shoes from Clarks, Sebago, ara, Jenny and Peter Kaiser.



ANGULUS was first founded in 1904 by Willy Madsen, who had a cobbler’s shop in Copenhagen. Willy was a teacher and disagreed with the pointed shoes that many children wore at that time. He thought they were both unhealthy for growing feet and hindered natural movement. In 1928, Willy astounded the Danish footwear industry with his new foot-formed shoes, developed in collaboration with doctors and physiotherapists. Today, ATC Footwear produces ANGULUS shoes in a family-owned factory in Portugal that only produces for ATC Footwear.

ATC Footwear is a third-generation family-owned footwear company. They have recently initiated a general handover, from the current CEO to his son thus sharing the role of CEO. As part of that process, ATC Footwear has become part of the SDG Accelerator to challenge themselves to think sustainability differently than they have so far. In SDG Accelerator, ATC Footwear is working on a new business model for their products, which is focused on circular economy. ATC Footwear therefore addresses SDG12 – Responsible consumption and production.


Photo: ATC Footwear

Key facts

  • Founded in 1904
  • Family-owned company
  • 25 employees in Copenhagen and 120 in the factory in Portugal
  • ATC Footwear A/S handles the sale and service of the shoe brands Clarks, Sebago, Ara and Peter Kaiser

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