The Danish daily Jyllands-Posten recently published an article about one of the participating companies in the programme Ingemann, and their new digital platform called Climática.

16. oktober 2018

Businesses, alongside government and civil society, will have an increasingly active role in collaborative solutions to address today’s most pressing societal challenges described in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With SDG Accelerator, a new innovation programme initiated by UNDP in Denmark, we hope to illustrate how the SDGs can be operationalized in a business context, creating business benefits and impact on the goals.

8. oktober 2018

Subscription-based model for children shoes. Mussels as a new raw material in fish feed. Educational platform for fish farmers in Nigeria. These are just some of the innovative solutions that the participating companies in SDG Accelerator are working on.

24. september 2018

On September 19, 2018, the SDG Accelerator's acceleration workshop will take place at UN City in Copenhagen with the participation of all 15 companies in the programme. During this workshop, we will help the companies to qualify solutions with investors and potentially establish funding opportunities. Stay tuned. More details to follow.

1. august 2018

Stine Kirstein Junge from UNDP's Nordic Representation Office is the Head of SDG Accelerator. She recently joined Kasper Larsen from the printing company KLS Pureprint and Katherine Richardson, professor and Head of Sustainability Science Centre at University of Copenhagen in the Danish radio programme P1 Orientering (July 4th, 2018). Stine talks about the Sustainable Development Goals put in a business perspective, the SDG Accelerator, and includes several concrete examples from the visionary…

8. juli 2018